About the project

Strengthening Women in Leadership (SWIL) is a four year project (2020 – 2023) intending to promote the participation of women in leadership positions pending on the historical and social injustices perpetuated against them for years.

Project main objective

To increase participation of women in leadership and democratic processes from both local and national level

The context:

Despite efforts, still women are underrepresented in the decision making organs. For example, women comprise only 37% in the House of Representatives until 2021. Yet, their number relies heavily on the mercy of special seats which stands at 40%. However, women make 51% of the Zanzibar population according to the 2012 population census and they are more impoverished. According to Poverty Reduction Strategy, 2010 men earn three times more than women in both urban and the rural areas. The path to leadership is not like a walk in the park especially in the political sphere; politics of mudslinging, financial influence, corruptions, male chauvinism and religious misconceptions are some but not all the challenges confronting women in their leadership trajectory. This calls for special efforts to increase women visibility in the decision making organs in order to take part in the development agendas and change the narrative.

Approaches & Strategies

The project use a double pronged approach to optimize the objective, capacity building women but also engaging key stakeholders such as community members, political parties, local & national leaders, journalists, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and religious leaders. Laws and policies indispensable for the rights of women will also be reviewed and used as a tool for lobbying and guidance for advocacy.

The project is undertaken in all eleven districts of Zanzibar, seven districts in Unguja and four districts in Pemba.

Implementing partners

The project is implemented by Pemba Environmental and Gender Advocacy Organization (PEGAO), Zanzibar Female Lawyers Association (ZAFELA) and Media Women’s Association, Zanzibar (TAMWA ZNZ).