About the Project

The Zanzibar Value Web, Horticulture, and Income Growth Project (VIUNGO) is a four-year initiative funded by the European Union through the Ministry of Finance Tanzania under the AGRI-CONNECT program. The project integrates climate-smart horticulture, gender equality, financial inclusion, and nutritional development efforts to improve smallholder farmer productivity and profitability.

Target groups

The project is expected to reach 57,974 beneficiaries, at least 55% women, 33% youth (girls and boys) and 12% are men within an implementation period of four years.

Project Focus areas

Geographically, the project is targeting 60 villages (Shehia) across 9 Districts of Unguja and Pemba islands

Implementing Partners

VIUNGO Project is implemented in Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba Islands) by a consortium comprising three partners: People’s Development Forum (PDF), Community Forests Pemba (CFP) and Tanzania Media Women Association Zanzibar (TAMWA ZNZ).

Project Objective is To unlock the potential of the horticulture value chain in Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba).

The key areas of intervention

The key areas of intervention include
(1) initiating multistakeholder collaboration to bring in inclusive economic growth in the horticulture subsector;
(2) increasing climate-smart horticulture production and productivity;
(3) improving small scale horticulture farmers’ food nutrition and food security,
(4) increasing horticulture value addition, marketing, and enterprise; as well as
(5) increasing small scale horticulture farmers’ income.