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Wadau wa Habari Zanzibar wahoji SMZ kuchelewesha upatikanaji wa sheria mpya za Habari

Wadau wa Habari Zanzibar wahoji SMZ kuchelewesha upatikanaji wa sheria…

Tumewahi kuzungumza na Mhe. Rais kuhusu sheria hizi na Waziri pia, nadhani inabidi tupange kuzungumza nao tena ili tuone hili linakwendaje. Haitapendeza hata kidogo tumalize mwaka huu na bado hatujapata mabadiliko ya sheria za habari.…



12/6/2024 TAARIFA KWA VYOMBO VYA HABARI JESI LA POLISI LATAKIWA KUHARAKISHA UPELELEZI TUKIO LA KUVAMIWAKWA MWANAHARAKATIJumuiya ya Wanasheria Wanawake Zanzibar (ZAFELA) pamoja na Chama cha Waandishi wahabari Wanawake Tanzania Zanzibar, (TAMWA ZNZ) inaliomba Jeshi la…

Champion Data Journalism Award 2024

Champion Data Journalism Award 2024

Winners in various categories received their accolades during the award ceremony for outstanding journalists in data journalism on women and leadership, held on March 9th at the SHAA Hall in…

Tanzania Media Women’s Association - Zanzibar

TAMWA ZNZ is an abbreviation of a national level Non-Governmental Organization which stands for Tanzania Media Women’s Association established in 1987. TAMWA -Zanzibar became fully self - governing and operational in both Isles of Unguja and Pemba since 2004

TAMWA Zanzibar has 82 members accredited to various media houses in and outside the country. Other members serve as media consultants and public relations officers or communication officers in both government, private and social offices. The members are highly motivated to offer voluntary services to this organization at various capacities and hence accelerate its broader goal. They work as part of the standing committees, governing committee or as members with specific expertise.

TAMWA Zanzibar, as an independent organization, visualizes itself as a gender rights institution which is grown to the completest level by 2025. Through this Strategic Plan (2021-2025) on the institutional focus is system strengthening by scaling up already existing initiatives on corporate governance; but also, putting up a number of internal policies, rules, plans and guidelines including development of (i) Resource Mobilization and Investment Strategy; (ii) Stakeholders Engagement and Communication Strategy; (iii) Branding and Visibility Strategy; and, (iv) Membership Affairs Code of Conduct. In order to achieve the strategic goal and its impact, TAMWA’s interventions for this program are clustered into five (5) thematic areas, namely:- (i)Enhancement of women and girls’ economic empowerment and justice. (ii)Realization of women and girls’ specific needs through stronger democratic governance. (iii)Reforms of legal frameworks and GBV/ VAWC response mechanisms. (iv)Improvement of media and other stakeholders’ responses to gender rights related concerns. (v)Institutional strengthening and sustainability of TAMWA and its members.


Follow-Up in Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Story Development.


The development of comprehensive and impactful gender-based violence (GBV) stories requires not only initial coverage but also a commitment to ongoing follow-up. This policy brief addresses the identified lack of follow-up components in GBV stories, as revealed by the findings. It underscores the importance of consistent coverage and proposes strategies to ensure ...

Current Landscape

The GBV audit report made by TAMWA, ZNZ, 2023 indicates that almost all stories were rated as average in terms of including a follow-up component. This implies a limited commitment to ongoing coverage and updates of GBV stories. Neglecting follow-up hinders the potential for longterm impact, accountability, and the complete narrative on the issue ...


Follow-up is an integral aspect of effective GBV storytelling. Ensuring consistent coverage and updates not only maintains the impact of the story but also holds relevant actors accountable over time amd intensify debate around the matter. Media organizations should emphasize the inclusion of follow-up components, encouraging journalists to plan for ongoing coverage ...

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